Sometimes breakfast can be your inspiration

  Nowadays, we all want to be healthy and eat organic food,  
this is what my family is trying to do- eat healthy. I just loved production of "Ekofrisa" https://www.ekofrisa.lt/ 

JSC “Ekofrisa” – is one of the largest producerss of groats in Baltic States. Company produce buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearl barley, peas groats. All necessary grain they buy from Lithuanian farmers.

While I was eating porridge, I thought it might be an interesting piece of jewelry. And here some jewelry from "mine menu" :)
Organic “Ekofrisa”hulled buckwheat
Organic “Ekofrisa” pearl barley
Organic "Ekofrisa" whole wheat groats (my favorite porridge :))

Many thanks for “Ekofrisa” 😉

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